We believe that God's never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love has the power to change lives.

We believe that He showed the world this love in the sacrificial death of His own Son Jesus, a death that we deserved.

We also believe that there is a life after this one because God raised Jesus from the dead. That gives us hope for eternal life together with each other and with Him.

We believe that God is painting a picture of Himself at Lumber City Church by building a family of friends that follow Him. We believe that you're a part of the picture. If you're ready to get plugged in, contact us right away.

To find out more about our beliefs, visit www.ag.org and click on beliefs.


Lumber City Church gathers at 9am and 11am every Sunday morning at The Hope Center located at 383 Vandervoort Street in North Tonawanda, 1 mile off of Twin Cities Highway between Payne Avenue and Oliver Street.

Come as you are and join us as we celebrate what Jesus is doing in our community.We'll take care of the kids. Babies up to 2, Toddlers up to 4 and Preschoolers up to Kindergarten as well as Lumber City Kids Church for Jr. Jacks and Jr Jills up to 6th grade. Students in 7th grade and up will have opportunity to live out their faith together too!

You'll see tee shirts, you'll see jeans. You'll see ties and jackets and you'll see flannel. Wear what you want. We won't judge. You'll see LOTS of babies and kids. You'll see young and old. One thing we all wear is a SMILE!

The band is laid back and all of our music is God glorifying and Christ centered.